How does LEXIS use the personal data it collects?

The collected personal data may be used for the following purposes: 

- User Registration at the websites and administration of the subsidiary rights (including the processing of research or requests for information on the company, its products and/or services);

- The supply of information on product updates, new products and services, as well as for issuing newsletters and informative emails;

- The evaluation and analysis of the market, clients, products and services (including the conduction of surveys to the consumers on LEXIS products and/or services);

- Support to LEXIS in the creation of relevant content for the User;

- Offer special opportunities to the User which might interest him/her;

- Support competitions, contests, hobbies and promotions in which the User might participate;

- Support, analysis and improvement of the products and services offered by LEXIS, in order to meet User’s needs;

- Enable User to download documents, obtain access to services or participate in other activities he/she may select;

- Enable User to quickly find software, services or information on products of significance to him/her;

- Evaluate User’s application for membership in the LEXIS community within the specific framework of the predefined license;

- Evaluate User’s application to a specific job post if personal data has been supplied in response to a job offer from any LEXIS company;

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