Who has access to the User's personal data?

LEXIS shall not disclose User’s personal data to third parties, without his/her consent, except: 

- When it is necessary for LEXIS’s collaborators, employees, agents, clients, suppliers or commercial partners to provide a service or perform an activity on behalf of LEXIS;
- When LEXIS considers it necessary or desirable, aiming at the prevention or detection of fraud, the disclosure of User’s personal data to other companies, financial organizations and legal entities;
- To LEXIS’s professional advisors;
- To LEXIS potential buyers or acquirers;
- Whenever it is deemed necessary for LEXIS to pursue its legitimate interests;
- Whenever required or permitted by law.

Whenever LEXIS discloses User’s personal data, the Personal Data Protection Law may be observed at all times, namely through the establishment of contract dispositions guaranteeing that the third party shall: 

- Use the data solely for purposes specified and in compliance with purposes described in that policy;
- Use adequate security means to protect User’s personal data against illegal or non-authorized applications, as well as against accidental loss, destruction or other harmful actions.

guarantees that it shall not disclose User’s personal data to any third parties located outside the European Economic Area until all actions which guarantee that User’s personal data shall have a level of protection not less than that required by LEXIS and by the Personal Data Protection Law.

LEXIS shall adopt all reasonable precautions to guarantee that its employees and collaborators, who have access to personal data, receive suitable training for its appropriate processing, with respect to the present policy and the legal obligations related to data protection. In case of non-fulfillment, LEXIS shall apply disciplinary sanctions to its employees and collaborators.

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