What does LEXIS do in order to keep User's data secure?

LEXIS is committed to guaranteeing that the User’s data remains secure.

In order to avoid non-authorized access, usage, alteration, destruction or disclosure of data collected through its websites, LEXIS uses several physical and electronic means, as well as many management procedures. LEXIS shall develop all suitable and reasonable efforts to avoid non-authorized or illegal use of User’s personal data, as well as its loss, destruction or damage. However, it cannot guarantee User’s data shall be 100% secure.

LEXIS protects the security of User’s personal data through the following means: 
- Encrypting, whenever necessary
- Use of Password, whenever necessary
- Limitation of access to personal data (for instance, access restricted to employees or LEXIS’s collaborators who might need to access them for the purposes described above).

LEXIS asks for the User's collaboration in maintaining security of personal data, recommending that he/she: 
- Does not use a username and password for login which may be extremely obvious
- Alters the password regularly
- Does not disclose his/her password to nay third parties

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